Keep Your Cycle Safe and Sound

Merton Council’s Neighbourhood Wardens and the Metropolitan Police’s Safer Neighbourhood teams will hold a joint bike-marking event to combat bike theft in Merton.

The event will be held in front of the Civic Centre in Morden on Tuesday 14 August between 10am and 4pm.

The Safer Neighbourhood teams, joined by the police’s Reassurance Bus, Safer Merton’s Anti Social behaviour team and Neighbourhood Wardens, will be on hand to offer crime prevention advice and to demonstrate how to mark bikes with ultra-violet pens. Bikes which have been marked with ultra-violet pens in this way can be recovered and returned to their owners if stolen.

80% of bicycles stolen in Merton were secured with poor-quality locks or taken from their owners’ gardens.

Safer Merton suggests that cycle owners should keep to the following guidelines to keep their cycles safe and sound:

· Always lock your bike to something immovable like a cycle stand or railings – even if only leaving it for a few minutes (please observe any requests not to use certain items of street furniture and be sure not to cause any damage)

· Use a D-shaped shackle lock for extra security.

· Try to arrange your cycle so that the lock is attached to the frame and one of the wheels

· If you have quick release wheels, take off the front wheel and lock it to the frame and back wheel.

· Do not leave your cycle in an isolated place. It is better to leave it somewhere well lit and busy or where there is CCTV coverage.

· Remove smaller parts and accessories that can’t be secured e.g. lights, pumps and quick release saddles and take them with you.

· If you leave your bike in a shed or garage remember to lock it. You may want to chain your bike to an anchorage point in your shed or garage so that it can’t be removed. You could also fit an alarm or security lights.

· If the shed has a window then cover it up so that thieves cannot see what’s inside.

· Park bikes safely and considerately, where they will not cause a danger or obstruction to others – particularly to older people, young children, or people with disabilities.

Remember always make sure your bike is locked even if it’s outside your own house or in your own back garden, garage or shed.

Security marking is the best way to help the Police return your cycle to you if it is stolen. It is also important to keep a record of your cycle’s details. You can register your bike at

For further information contact Crime Prevention Unit at Mitcham Police station on 020 8649 3249 or Safer Merton o