More of Merton’s kids are eating school dinners

Merton Council is backing Jamie Oliver’s calls for further investment in improving school dinners but it’s promoting cooperation with parents as the recipe for success.

What was a campaign by residents for better food in schools is now a partnership, with the council, contractors, and education facilities all working together.

As the number of meals served decreases in many schools, more and more students in the London Borough of Merton are choosing the healthy option.

The latest information shows a rise of more than 10% in the number of meals served in the Borough, against the same period last year.

The increased interest in the programme follows significant investment by the Council.

Four years ago, few school dinners were cooked on site, but now 40 primary and special school kitchens have been built or upgraded to cook fresh food.

A nutritionist has also been employed to make sure dietary requirements are met.

Cabinet member for School Standards and Youth Engagement, Councillor Oonagh Moulton, says: “The key to our success is the relationship we have with parents. It is important they know what their children are eating at school and support our attempts to supply quality meals. The same focus on healthy eating also needs to be reinforced at home.”