Merton Council wishes you a healthy Christmas

Merton Council wishes you a healthy Christmas and a happy New Year

Residents in the London Borough of Merton are being encouraged not to wait until the New Year to think about fitness and health.

Approaching Christmas indulgences with caution may make the transition into 2008 more enjoyable.

Council Nutritionist, David Tchilingirian, who provides nutrition advice to schools says: “Rather than dieting in January, why not think about the types of food and drink that are consumed over Christmas. The best advice I can give people is to go easy on the high-energy snacks and alcohol and stay active, so you’re burning off those extra calories.”

Other top tips for staying in shape include:*

· Start Christmas Day with a good breakfast so snacks are less tempting.
· Serve Christmas dinner with fruit and vegetables.
· Microwave, steam or roast vegetables to preserve vitamins.
· Serve pudding with yoghurt and fruit, rather than brandy butter.
· For healthy snacks, try unsalted nuts, dried fruit or satsumas.

Cabinet member for Health and Adult Social Services, Councillor Margaret Brierly says: “Think about your health and wellbeing now by eating well and keeping up exercise. Having a healthy Christmas doesn’t mean missing out on the festivities.”


· * Source: Food Standards Agency