Government report praises Merton on its use of resources achievements

A result of an external government assessment announced in the last week has shown that Merton Council has improved its score of how well it uses its resources, proving the progress being made on offering its customers value for money.

Merton was awarded a level three out of four in the annual inspection by the Audit Commission, meaning that it has improved and moved up from performing adequately to now performing well and consistently above minimum requirements.

The report examines a variety of themes and measures the council’s development on using internal systems to become more efficient. The report takes into account the council’s financial management, how it is offering value for money, how it manages risk and also how well it controls and governs the financial processes, systems and structures used within the organisation.

This report comes as an important part of the Comprehensive Performance Assessment that all councils go through each year to ensure they are continuously improving.

Councillor Samantha George, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Corporate Services notes the success:

” The result of this assessment is great news for Merton, particularly as it proves we really are becoming fitter, faster and more focussed as an organisation. To ensure Merton can continue to put its residents first, we will be looking at what else can be done to further improve these areas.”

“Being efficient internally means we can continue to offer our residents value for money wherever possible, and as Merton has only been awarded the minimum increase of grant from central government over the next three years, efficient working processes such as those being measured in this assessment are vital.”