Residents can have a say on health and social care

Merton residents are being offered the opportunity to get involved in the way some services are planned and run through their participation in a new group, called a Local Involvement Network.

The network will look at all health and adult social care services in the borough that are funded by taxpayers.

It will replace the existing Patients’ Forums and the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health.

A website has been set up so residents can find out how to be involved and what powers being part of the network will give them.

For more information, people are advised to visit:

Cabinet member for Health and Adult Social Services, Councillor Margaret Brierly, says: “Anyone can be part of this new group. It will give people the chance to have their say and their concerns will be put to the provider for their consideration.
I would encourage Merton residents to take this opportunity to help ensure the needs of people in the borough are being met.”

Merton Council will establish the network and then hand over control to an independent body.

The make-up of the group, what issues it investigates and how it operates, will be determined by residents.

Local Involvement Networks are being set up across the country in response to Government legislation.