Merton Council makes cutting C02 emissions easy

Merton Council is determined to minimise disruption while it acts to cut electricity use at Morden’s civic centre.

The necessary work to install the new energy-saving equipment, which will reduce electricity use at the centre by 15%, means the council will have to turn off the power at the building from 6pm on Saturday 10 May until 6pm on Sunday 11 May.

Originally the council had thought the work would require two power shut downs but valuable lessons learned during the earlier electricity switch off on 13 April have meant the installation can be completed in one weekend – cutting down on any inconvenience caused and saving money.

The council’s IT systems will also be unavailable between 6pm on the Saturday and 9pm on the Sunday. Merton Council apologises to residents as people wanting to make payments online, fill in online forms, make online bookings or access library catalogues will not be able to do so during these hours. However, the information pages on the web site will still be available.

Allowances will be made for those unable to make parking payments while the online payment system is down and we are also looking at ways of using a generator to keep at least some of the phone services operating.

Corporate Services Director Caroline Holland said: “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this power shutdown, as well as for the one on 13 April, but they are both necessary if we are to put our residents’ needs first and turn Merton into a greener borough.

“We are delighted we will be able to finish the work in one weekend rather than having to spread it out over two separate occasions as this means the work will cause less inconvenience to our residents and provide value for money.”