Merton Nursery Schools get to grips with good hand hygiene

Nursery children in Merton will be taught the importance of good hand washing as part of the national Food Safety Week (9 -13 June 2008).

Merton Council’s commercial food team will visit 12 nursery schools across the borough to teach children the importance of hand washing through song and games.

Backed by the Food Standards Agency, this year’s Food Safety Week campaign is called GermWatch and is aimed at raising awareness of good food hygiene practice, with particular emphasis on the 4Cs: Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling and avoiding Cross-contamination.

The 3-5 year olds taking part in the week’s activities will have the chance to carry out an ultra-violet test to check how clean their hands really are and how easily germs can spread. Visual and touching aids such as flash cards and pots of different textured materials will be used to help get this important message across to the children.

The Nursery will receive a hand wash kit containing: hand washing posters, stickers, a laminated poster of the hand washing song made up by the Food Safety Team, leaflets on food safety, A-Z of food safety, a copy of Infection Control Guidance for Nurseries, Playgroups and other Childcare Settings, a join the dots game and a picture of a hand to colour in.

If you require additional information on food hygiene or Food Safety Week please contact the Commercial Team on 020 8545 3024

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Councillor Diane Neil Mills said: “With summer holidays just around the corner children may wish to help out more in the kitchen. Cooking at home is great for youngsters, but it is important that they know just how vital it is to wash their hands before they start cooking.
“We have chosen to focus on cross contamination and highlight this issue with these very young children so that they can get into good habits for the future.”