Proposed expansion of Wimbledon Chase Primary

Following the temporary expansion of Wimbledon Chase Primary School by 30 places for the next academic year (2008/09), Merton Council has launched a consultation to permanently expand the school from September 2009.

The school currently has two reception classes of 30 pupils each – excluding the additional 30 places for the next school year – and has 420 pupils across the school excluding the nursery.

The council wishes to permanently expand the school from September 2009 to have three reception classes, admitting up to 90 pupils per year. The increase in school places would take place gradually over 7 years and would mean that the school would eventually have up to 630 pupils excluding the nursery.

Merton Council is also consulting on the possible admissions polices for the 90 reception class places. Part of the proposed changes includes an Admissions Priority Area (APA) for the school. This will ensure that residents living in areas that have traditionally obtained the existing 60 places per year continue to do so, but that those living to the north of the school are given priority for the additional places.

Parents and other interested parties are encouraged to attend a consultation evening at Wimbledon Chase Primary School on Wednesday 2 July at 7:30 pm. The closing date for the consultation is Friday 25 July 2008. For more information and to get a copy of the consultation email or go to

Councillor Debbie Shears, Merton Council’s Cabinet member for Children’s Services said:
“Merton Council is putting the needs of children and parents first by catering for a significant increase in demand for school places, with more children entering school age. Expansion of Wimbledon Chase Primary is required to ensure there are sufficient local primary school places for children to access in the future. “

Notes to Editors

This consultation is on the educational merits of expanding Wimbledon Chase Primary School so building development issues do not apply. Any building development will be subject to planning permission, for which there are separate consultation processes.

There is a significant increase in demand for school places in Merton, with more children entering school age. Merton Council’s population forecasts indicate this rise will be sustained and there are few surplus places at neighbouring schools.

Wimbledon Chase is an over subscribed, successful school which the Local Authorities feels is well equipped to managed the expansion. In addition, the school site is in extensive grounds with buildings inherited from a larger middle school, which makes expansion of the building easier than some of the other schools in the area.