Merton Council backs urban village vision for Mitcham’s future

Merton Council remains adamant that it will stand by the wishes of its residents and their aspirations for Mitcham when it comes to regenerating the town centre.

Although the council is continuing discussions with the developer Metropolitan and Suburban Ltd (MSL) about a comprehensive development, it is also considering an alternative option of regenerating the town centre on a site-by-site basis. A final decision as to how to progress the urban village vision will be made in September 2008.

In addition, the council is also seeking support and funding from TfL to further investigate potential transport improvements in Mitcham.

Merton Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration Councillor Diane Neil Mills said: ‘The recent proposal for the complete regeneration of Mitcham town centre offered to the council by developer Metropolitan and Suburban Ltd (MSL) does not meet the council’s and residents’ vision of retaining and building on Mitcham’s urban village character, as articulated in the planning brief for the town centre.

‘We are keen to see the regeneration of Mitcham at the earliest opportunity, but not at the expense of residents’ wishes and not at the expense of what is right for Mitcham in the long-term. The successful regeneration of Mitcham must protect and enhance the great attributes of the town including the open green spaces and the village characteristics. These are the defining characteristics of Mitcham that, in the long-term, will ensure the town is a place in which people choose to live and invest.

‘Mitcham has a proud history, with buildings that reflect this. The town should also be confident about its future.

‘Metropolitan and Suburban is welcome to go to the public with their proposal for their consultation and if residents want what they are offering we will reconsider what is being offered.’


1. Any regeneration of Mitcham would include the site currently occupied by Somerfield. ASDA, the site’s owner, remains committed to investing in Mitcham.