Partnership focuses on raising quality of life in Merton

The Merton Partnership – made up of Merton Council, Merton police, Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust and other voluntary, public and private sector bodies – has come together to agree a set of priorities to improve residents’ quality of life.

These priorities, known as the Local Area Agreement (LAA), will focus on bridging the gap between the affluent west and the more deprived eastern parts of Merton. The agreement covers reducing fears of crime, anti-social behaviour and drug users – which are higher in east of the borough. Targets laid out also include increasing the perception that people treat each other with respect and consideration, which is lower in some parts of the borough than others.

All the partners involved in the LAA will take responsibility for helping to improve an aspect of life in Merton, whether it is raising education standards, improving healthcare, cutting crime levels or tackling waste and climate change.

Merton Council Leader and chairman of the Merton Partnership Councillor David Williams said: “All priorities agreed by the partnership as part of the LAA are underpinned by evidence that shows how the partners, working together, will improve life in Merton.

“Each target has been carefully negotiated with central Government so that it reflects a priority which put our Merton residents first, but also contributes to national agendas.”

The LAA will run from 2008 – 2011 and more information can be found at