Council facebooks residents for their vision for Morden

Merton Council is turning to Facebook ( to engage as many people as possible in sharing their hopes and aspirations for Morden town centre. This is the first time that Merton Council has used a social networking site to raise awareness of one of its initiatives.

The moreMorden Facebook page invites business people, commuters and residents including youngsters to be creative and give the council their views on how they would like to see Morden develop in the future. Their ideas, comments and concerns will help the council with the first stage of its public consultation and will contribute to shaping the vision for the town.

Those wishing to contribute to the moreMorden debate using more conventional methods will be able to answer the consultation questions online at from 1 September or pick up a paper copy at their local library from 8 September.

Merton Council is working with partners, including residents’ groups, Transport for London, the Mayor of London, the National Trust, educational and religious organisations and local businesses to enhance Morden’s many existing qualities, including its green spaces, varied restaurant scene, places of worship and excellent transport links – turning it into a distinctive and vibrant place in which to live, work and visit.

The council wishes to protect and support local businesses already established in Morden as well as create the opportunity for new enterprise. It also hopes a newly designed town will attract a greater variety of shops and leisure, cultural and community facilities, providing people with a place to socialise and creating a thriving local daytime and evening economy.

Along with its partners, the council will look to review and improve transport arrangements in the town centre, including the potential removal of the one way system in the town centre and the removal of the barriers in London Road. Careful consideration will be given to the location of the bus station to make Morden more pedestrian-friendly.

Merton Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Councillor Diane Neil Mills said: ‘We’re very lucky that Morden already has so much to offer, in particular its good transport links and green spaces. We want to appeal to as many people as possible for their views on how they want to see Morden develop. Using Facebook as well as paper and online questionnaires will help us reach all sections of our community. Facebook will give us a broader audience as we are keen to get the views of all people who have a connection with Morden in some way. We want to make Morden a place that will be attractive to those who work in the area but also to those who want a quality place to live within close reach of London. This is an exciting time and a great opportunity for everyone to get involved with shaping Morden’s future.’