Merton recycling possibilities increasing all the time

Following EWC taking over the management of Merton’s reuse and recycling centres, the number of different types of recyclable materials accepted is up by a fifth.

With the wider variety of technologies accessible to EWC, residents can now ensure that additional materials such as aluminium foil, hand tools, cooking oil, printer cartridges, spectacles and plate glass are recycled. Soon, DVDs and CDs will be added to the list.

In addition to providing services that enable a wider range of materials to be recycled, the new compaction machines increase the amount of waste that can be held in each container. This means less movement of heavy plant on site, and reduced traffic congestion in the borough due to fewer journeys made by the waste vehicles, thereby reducing Merton’s carbon footprint.

EWC is into its first month of managing the reuse and recycling centres in Merton. In the long-run, the 14-year contract will enable Merton to recycle more materials more efficiently and decrease the amount of waste sent to landfill.

At the centres there are separate containers for the different materials so where possible, residents should separate their waste before they arrive at the centre.

Merton resident Mr Pinto of Kenley Road, Merton Park said: ‘It is great that the we are able to recycle more and more of our rubbish. We can’t keep sending things to landfill, so recycling is becoming more and more important. The new system at the site in Amenity Way is getting better and better. Assistance is given when needed and there are more people on site now to help you.’

Merton Council Cabinet Member for the Environment Councillor David Simpson said: ‘In the long-term EWC will be good news for Merton as the service they offer will provide our residents with a much more customer focused service and will increase our recycling rate. There have been teething problems with the service, but we are working with EWC to ensure a smoother operation and that more staff are on site to assist any residents where required. Separating out rubbish before arriving at the centres will cut down on queuing time. I do appreciate that implementing new ways of doing things can be disruptive while everyone gets used to the changes and am grateful for residents’ patience while we get through the early stages of the new set-up.”