Smashing pumpkins need not go to waste this Halloween

Merton Council is calling on residents to put their pumpkins to good use this Halloween instead of sending them to landfill.

Composting pumpkins is just one way of getting the most out of this nutritious vegetable. After carving, the pumpkin the seeds can be roasted as a snack and the flesh makes a delicious soup or lasagne.

Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for the environment, Councillor David Simpson said: “A majority of the million plus pumpkins sold across the UK at this time of year are carved into Jack O’ Lanterns for celebrations on 31 October and then just thrown in the bin as soon as Halloween is over. It is such a shame if it all goes to waste. All you have to do is remove any candle wax or decorations from the pumpkin lantern and put it in the compost bin. If the pumpkin is very large then you can have lots of fun smashing it up a bit so it will break down faster in the bin.

‘Sending rubbish and organic waste such as vegetable peelings and pumpkins to landfill is not sustainable as landfill is running out. As well as reducing landfill, composting means you can improve your soil and put goodness back into the garden. It also reduces the amount of waste that has to be collected from your home which potentially reduces the number of refuse trucks on the roads. “

Residents who don’t already have a compost bin can order one from as little as £17 (includes delivery) at or call 0845 077 0757.
For information about recycling go to call 020 8274 4902.