Council offers young fathers free DJ workshop

Ever wonder what it would be like to become a professional DJ? Merton Council is inviting young fathers in Merton to have their say about a new DJ workshop for dads.
Kiss FM’s DJ, Big Ted, in partnership with Merton Council launched a free 10-week workshop earlier this year at Lavender Children’s Centre to teach young fathers the art of DJing. DJ Big Ted taught the four young fathers how to mix and scratch their way through a set, while also passing on his knowledge and experience of how to work in the business side of the industry.
Kiss FM’s DJ Big Ted says, “I recently became a father to my second child and wanted to turn my passion for work and my children in to something positive. These elements of my life combined inspired me to set up a DJ workshop for young dads. The DJ industry is expanding all the time and music is something that really inspires young men. We hope to get more young dads who are really passionate about music and DJing to get involved and come along to these workshops as it is the perfect way to learn new skills that they can take forward and become DJs.”
The council is inviting young fathers under the age of 25 who are interested in becoming a DJ to comment on what they would like from future workshops.
If you are a young father and would like to join the DJ workshop or would like to find out more please call Charmaine on 0208 646 4429.
Merton Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Councillor Debbie Shears said: “Being a young parent can be hard and parents can find themselves forgetting about their own needs to learn new skills and meet other parents.
“Merton Council is committed to supporting families and young people in the borough and these workshops are one way we can help fathers and young people by providing them with skills that will help them pursue their dreams, and possibly open up a whole new career.”