Merton street cleaners sweep up resident satisfaction

Merton Council street cleaners have cleared up almost 100 tonnes of leaves from the borough’s tree lined streets – this is just one example of their hard work and commitment during the year that led to residents’ satisfaction with the service increasing by five per cent compared to 2007
Crews brave rain, snow and icy winds to clear litter and leaves from the roads. Autumn and winter can be particularly tough for street cleaners due to high leaf fall and severe weather. Normal sweeping routines are suspended during busy autumn days so that cleaners can concentrate on those streets with the highest number of trees and the largest leaf falls.
Further improvements are currently being developed for next year. Residents will be encouraged to do their bit to help by collecting up their own leaves and composting them, or by calling the council which will then be able to supply sacks for storing leaves and will collect them when they are full. The leaves will then be composted and used in Merton’s parks to protect the environment whilst keeping costs as low as possible for local residents.
Merton Council’s cabinet member for the environment, Councillor David Simpson said: “The street cleaners do a fantastic job in keeping our streets clear of rubbish and leaves and making sure Merton continues to be a pleasant place to live where the needs of its residents are met.
“It is a great testament to their hard work that resident satisfaction has gone up by five per cent and I also congratulate the team on recently winning Team of the Year at Merton Council’s Staff Excellence Awards.”