Merton sparks Mother’s Day connection

Mothers and daughters have the chance to get closer this Mother’s Day by taking part in Merton Council’s new Café Connect Conversations project.

The programme invites mothers and their teenage daughters to come along, mingle in small groups and discuss a variety of issues such as What is contemporary femininity? Are you a lady or a ladette? and How different is life for teenagers today compared with when their mothers were young? The scheme is the first of its kind in Merton and the first ever meeting is taking place at Wimbledon Library on Wednesday18 March at 6pm – with a special celebration for Mother’s Day.

After the discussions, which will include women and teenagers sharing some of their views in an open forum, mothers and their daughters will have the chance to massage their own and each other’s hands while listening to live poetry and music.

Three further sessions of Café Connect Conversations are also in the pipeline and will include an evening writing poetry and a session focusing on designing a cabaret using dance, poetry, music and art. The last meeting is titled The Café Connect Cabaret and will cover feminism and femininity as well as art and culture.

Complementary therapist and youth worker Marianne Zeck, one of those behind the project, said: “Many people feel isolated and Café Connect Conversations are one way in which to meet new people, discuss contemporary issues and also share skills while learning about art, culture and enjoying simple pleasures. I would love Café Connect to spread to other venues, particularly under-used cafes and places affected by the recession.”

Merton Council’s cabinet member for community services Councillor Maurice Groves said: “Café Connect is a lovely way to bring mothers and daughters from across the borough together to talk about the things that are important to them and to enjoy some quality time together. Marianne is a complementary therapist who carries out the council’s popular Hand in Hand Massage programmes, which are always a joy for those taking part.

“I am delighted Wimbledon Library is hosting these events which promise to bring a lot of pleasure, learning, art and culture to all those who come along.”