Motorist under curfew after council officer attack

Wimbledon Magistrates court has ruled in favour of Merton Council and convicted a motorist of common assault and threatening behavior towards a Merton Council civil enforcement officer.
The man was sentenced to a one-month curfew and ordered to pay £250 court costs as well as £50 compensation to the civil enforcement officer.
Merton Council is launching a poster campaign to help curb abuse on council staff and communicate its zero tolerance stance to the public. The posters will be displayed in high visibility locations and set out the following messages:

1. Abuse to staff will not be tolerated

2. Our staff are here to help you

3. It is important they are never made to feel threatened

4. We will not tolerate aggression or verbal abuse towards our staff under any circumstances

5. We will take action where appropriate

Cabinet Member for planning and traffic management Councillor William Brierly said:
“We will not tolerate staff being attacked verbally or physically and will work with the police to ensure a successful prosecution of anyone who threatens our employees. Merton staff work hard to serve their community and to put the needs of residents first. They have our firm and steadfast support to work in a safe environment. They do a superb job often under difficult circumstances and deserve to feel safe and secure at work. Their safety is our priority”.