Merton mums encouraged to turn to real nappies

Merton Council is looking for volunteer mums and dads willing to try real nappies for free on their tiny tots during Real Nappy Week, which kicks off on Monday 27 April and runs until Sunday 3 May.

Although it has reduced in recent years, Merton residents still produce around 75,000 tonnes of landfill waste every year – almost one tonne for each household. Using natural fibre nappies rather than disposable ones cuts down on the number of nappies families throw away and therefore reduces the amount of waste and rubbish sent to landfill.

Real nappies are good for babies too. Most are made of cotton, bamboo and other breathable materials meaning they are gentle on delicate skin and they contain no chemicals or plastics. They are recommended for babies with sensitive skin and eczema and give parents more control over what materials their babies come into contact with.

Home laundered nappies could also save parents around £500 on the cost of keeping a baby in nappies.

Real Nappies vary widely in their cost depending on the style chosen. However, you can generally buy all the nappies, waterproof covers and fastenings required for two and a half years on the high street for just under £50. The same amount of money would only buy seven weeks worth of disposables.1

Merton Council’s cabinet member for the environment Councillor David Simpson said: “Using cloth nappies is not only good for the environment and for babies but is also cheaper than using disposable nappies the cost of which quickly adds up. This is particularly important in the current economic climate.

“We are committed to putting the needs of parents and children in Merton first by making sure residents have access to the latest information on health and value for money so that they can make the best possible provision for their families.”


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