Merton investment in street cleaning sees dramatic improvement

Merton is ploughing £200,000 into new street cleaning machines, in addition to investment already made earlier this year to push up its clean streets performance.

The council is criticising the way the Audit Commission’s National Indicators for improved street and environmental cleanliness were published this week, maintaining that the statistics were old and were originally released by Defra in October last year.

Since the indicators were originally released, Merton has taken practical steps to improve the cleanliness of its streets. The council is investing in new street cleaning equipment and ensures the frequency of cleaning meets the needs of every street in the borough. It is also adopting a more targeted approach to street cleanliness by monitoring them every week and immediately reporting to the areas which need attention to the council’s street cleansing team.

Leader of Merton Council Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “The statistics are old news as they relate to 2008/9 and were released by Defra in October last year. Since then, much has changed in Merton. We have made huge strides to improve the cleanliness of our streets. We are investing in new street cleaning equipment and are keeping a closer eye on the cleanliness of our roads. This is something we can never be complacent about, but we are predicting the 09/10 yearly figure will be much improved when results are published. Looking to 2010/2011, we expect a further leap in improvement and will continue to work to make our streets even cleaner.”

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