Merton Council prepares residents for a warm winter

In preparation for the coming winter, Merton Council is calling on residents to take advantage of its London Warm Zone scheme, and insulate their lofts and cavity walls.

Residents have up until the end of December to apply for free and discounted energy saving measures that could save them pots of cash not only on the insulation itself, but on heating bills in the future. To arrange for a free home assessment residents should call the local London Warm Zone approved installer, Dawsetway Heating and Renewables, on freephone 0800 328 8279.

The scheme is open to those in private properties – owner occupiers or private tenants. The council has injected £20,000 of its own money into the scheme in order to offer free insulation to residents over 65. Depending on the resident’s ability to pay, some may be eligible for free installation, while others will be able to take advantage of substantial discounts for loft or cavity wall insulation. The projected reduction in fuel bills would mean that those paying the discounted amount would see a return on investment in the first year. Residents throughout the borough who are 70 years and over and those who receive income and disability benefits are eligible for free home insulation.

The 2010 scheme builds on the success of previous years when Merton residents have benefited from free or heavily discounted insulation. Since April 2009, 351 Merton lofts and 72 properties with cavity walls have been insulated through the London Warm Zone scheme.

In a recent survey, the council identified around 13,000 homes with unfilled cavity walls, so there is still a need in the borough for improved home insulation.

Merton Council cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration Councillor Andrew Judge said: “The money we invest in the London Warm Zone scheme is all part of our Affordable Warmth Strategy which ensures London-wide schemes like this are implemented locally to benefit Merton’s residents. Now is the best time to ensure your home is well insulated, when the installers aren’t so busy and before the cold sets in.

“Knowing how to save energy in the home and applying for home insulation grants could save many residents hundreds of pounds a year as well as cut down significantly on carbon emissions. This is a typical example of how environmental sense makes good financial sense too.”

One Merton resident who has benefited from the scheme is Mr Fox of Arterberry Road. He said: “I would seriously recommend that everyone should get their home properly insulated. I’m looking forward to a warm winter and lower fuel bills.”

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