Borough shines a light on waste collection.

Merton Council is taking a closer look at its waste collection services.

The council’s cross party scrutiny panel chaired by Councillor John Sargeant of Merton Park Ward Independent Residents will be setting up a task group to look at the full range of options for waste collection services in the borough.

The panel’s main concern will be how Merton can ensure residents’ rubbish and recycling is collected from their homes most efficiently and cost-effectively. Included within the study will be an assessment of the current kitchen waste collection and the possible introduction of wheeled bins. The panel will also look into the impact of different options on recycling levels.

The task group will start looking at the waste collection services in January, ready to report their findings to the scrutiny panel by mid-2011.

Merton Council cabinet member for performance and implementation Councillor Mark Betteridge said: ‘We are having to look afresh at how we can deliver services with less money available to us, while not compromising on quality. Waste collection is a key service provided by the council and affects all residents. Everyone wants their rubbish taken away and properly dealt with, and we have to manage this in an environmentally responsible way.

“We believe wheeled bins would play a big part in helping to make this happen and bring many benefits for our community. But, we also know that, now more than ever, we need to be flexible and adapt to the extremely difficult financial situation facing Merton, as well as consider residents’ concerns about how we deliver the service. When it comes to making the best decision for residents on such an important service, we think the cross-party scrutiny panel will have a big role to play in helping our community reach the best outcome.’


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