Day Nursery in Mitcham rated “outstanding’

The unannounced inspection, which took place in December last year, revealed that staff and procedures at the children’s centre in Mitcham consistently delivered outstanding services to both children and parents.

Staff were praised for their positive commitment to continuous improvement, and for rigorous training policies that help to support the creative and developmental needs of children to a “very high standard”.

Excellent partnership with parents was highlighted as an “outstanding strength” at the centre, along with extremely enthusiastic staff who promote diversity and inclusion well.

Inspectors also congratulated staff for paying close attention to promoting children’s healthy growth and development, encouraging them to learn about personal hygiene and reinforcing good daily habits.

Councillor Maxi Martin, cabinet member for children’s services said: “The first few years of a child’s life can be the most impressionable, significantly influencing behaviour and development later on in life. For this reason it’s so important that we get early years education right the first time.

The staff at Lavender Children’s Centre do a fantastic job and my thanks goes out to each of them for ensuring that children in Mitcham get the best possible start to life in a safe and nurturing environment. Their enthusiasm and commitment is unwavering and it’s fantastic to see this publicly recognised and acknowledged by a national regulatory body such as Ofsted.”

Nursery manager, Wendy Maxey said: “We work hard to provide the best service we can for children and their families and we’re all so proud and so happy that our hard work has been recognised. It’s been a great start the New Year!”