Merton ready for the cold snap

Plans have been made well in advance of this year’s cold snap to ensure the borough keeps moving during the winter.

Merton Council began filling its salt stocks from as early as this summer and now has 2,000 tonnes of salt to grit roads across the borough. It will operate a fleet of six gritters, with each gritter taking on a pre-planned priority gritting route. These measures will help to keep the main network of roads in operation.

The council is planning ahead to ensure that there are sufficient salt stocks in Merton to keep our pavements and streets clear of ice and safe for residents.

Councillor Andrew Judge, cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration, said: ‘We are in a very good position to cope with this year’s winter and we have already started to grit our roads. It’s important our pavements and streets are clear of ice so that residents and commuters can get around safely.’