Merton set to boost recycling across borough

Merton Council is launching a new campaign to go further than ever to increase levels of recycling across the borough and reward residents who recycle the most.

Merton’s latest campaign is supported by a government fund of £655,000 and will operate across the borough to increase local recycling performance rates.

The programme will focus on improving recycling from houses and flats. Alongside this, there will be community-based and individual incentives to encourage everyone to recycle more.

For houses, the most improved area will receive a community reward for all residents to benefit from – such as new plants and shrubs for the streets.

Flats will be able to compete within groups for the most improved recyclers, with the winner receiving a community reward to be chosen with the help of the local housing and residents’ associations.

This programme will help divert an estimated 12,733 tonnes of waste from landfill over five years, saving the council more than £1m in landfill tax.

Merton Council’s cabinet member for performance and implementation, Councillor Mark Betteridge, said: “This is another positive step for our borough. It will be hugely beneficial for all residents and, at the same time, help the environment. We’ve developed a tailored scheme for those who live in houses and flats, and are offering community-led incentives to encourage people to recycle more. We are confident this programme will play a big part in reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill, something that makes good environmental and financial sense.’