Merton Council says: ‘Make sure your child has MMR jab’

Merton Council is urging parents to check their children have had the MMR vaccination, following the outbreak of measles in south Wales.

The first dose is given to children of 12 months and provides 70% protection. Two doses of the vaccinations are necessary and improve protection levels to about 90%, so those children who have not had two doses should see their practice nurse to ensure they are fully immunised. The second dose is usually given at three years, four months along with the pre-school booster. Parents of unvaccinated children as well as older teenagers and young adults who may have missed the MMR vaccination should still have the jab, as it is never too late to have the MMR.

Parents in Merton should check with their GP to ensure their children have had both MMR jabs.

Merton Council cabinet member for children’s services Councillor Maxi Martin said: ‘We take the health and well being of our children and young people very seriously, and the transfer of public health to the borough will help us encourage and support the take up of all vaccinations by parents.’

Merton Council Director of Public Health Dr Kay Eilbert said: ‘Increasing immunisation take up will be a key priority in my new role and I will be working with Merton’s health providers, schools and children’s centres to improve access to information and vaccinations.’