Merton Council offers chance to cut home energy bills

Merton residents are been given the chance to tackle high energy bills by finding cheaper deals on gas and electricity under a council-backed scheme.

Big London Energy Switch logo

Big London Energy Switch

The latest Big London Energy Switch auction is taking place on 19 November and residents are encouraged to register for the scheme, online or by phoning the council, to see if they can make any savings on their bills.

The Big London Energy Switch helps people find cheaper electricity and gas options by collectively negotiating a better deal with energy providers. A large group of people willing to change suppliers means that they have more bargaining power to negotiate the best possible deal with energy firms.

Around 17,000 households across London have already been offered savings totalling an estimated £1.3million  – £108 a year each on average – thanks to the Big London Energy Switch. Residents in Merton who have previously signed up in April or June have saved £130 each per year, on average.

Merton residents have until midnight on Tuesday 19 November to register for the next auction. It is up to residents to choose whether to switch or not when they receive their offer.

Merton Council’s cabinet member for environmental sustainability and regeneration, Councillor Andrew Judge, said: “This scheme is a great way to help our residents keep their homes warm at a lower price when energy bills are on the rise, particularly coming into the winter months. I would encourage everyone to sign up and see what savings you could make.”

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can take part in the Big London Energy Switch. To register, go to or call Merton Council on 020 8274 4901.