Fraudulent builder jailed for four years

A rogue builder responsible for constructing dangerous and hazardous house extensions has been convicted of running a fraudulent business.

Andrew Uzusienis aged 29  was jailed for four years and eight months following a five week trial at Kingston Crown Court.  Mr Uzusienis who set up ECDG Ltd as a building company in 2009 came to the attention of Merton Council trading standards staff in 2011 after a resident complained about an extension to their house that his company were responsible for.

The council received three more complaints, with the work done described as abysmal. The company had left homes with significant safety issues such as unstable walls which could have been blown over in strong wind, waste water from washing machines spilling over into floors and in one case an extension which needed demolition and reconstruction. In total all four complainants lost £52,000 to ECDG Ltd. A feature of all jobs was that Uzusienis would take as much money as possible from clients before they realised that the building works were never going to be completed.

ECDG Ltd advertised itself on its website as being based in Canary Wharf.  They also claimed to be part of the Federation of Master Builders and National Federation of Builders.  However, the business was found to be locked out of its office for non-payment of rent, it did not have business insurance and was expelled from both building bodies for non-payment of fees and complaints. 

The Judge branded Mr Uzusienis a ‘disgrace’ and in addition to sentencing banned him from being a director of any company for nine years.

Cabinet member for environmental cleanliness and parking, Councillor Judy Saunders said: “This was a lengthy investigation by Merton Trading Standards, who have done a great job, against a trader who was causing serious problems across south west London. I am pleased that the judge realised the seriousness of the case and gave an appropriate sentence which should deter others from committing similar fraud.”