Merton Council prosecutes fly-tipper

Merton Council has prosecuted Morden resident Enoch Osei (39) for a fly-tipping offence at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court.

Local police witnessed Osei dumping a sofa and a glass door beside a neighbourhood recycling site on Green Lane last October and informed the council’s enforcement team. He was summoned to attend court where he pleaded guilty to fly-tipping and had to pay out a total of £945 for the offence which included a £450 fine, £450 costs and the victim surcharge of £45.

This action is part of the council’s anti-litter campaign. Every year, the council spends £5 million keeping the borough’s streets clean by tackling litter and fly-tipping. We use several methods to pursue fly-tippers, including CCTV cameras and enforcement officers.

Councillor Judy Saunders, cabinet member for environmental cleanliness and parking, said: “People should be warned that anyone we catch fly-tipping could face a court conviction and substantial fines. Dumping rubbish on Merton’s streets impacts on the quality of life for all residents and it is particularly unfair on those whose private land is affected. We and the majority of our residents want to see clean streets in the borough. Our enforcement teams are on the look out for offenders and won’t let them get away with fly-tipping. Also, it is important that residents know their responsibility to ensure anyone calling at their home offering to take away building waste and other rubbish for a fee has the correct licence, otherwise, they could also be found liable for the offence.”

If people witness fly-tipping, they should note down as many details of the event as possible and let the council know by visiting Merton’s anti-litter code can be viewed at