Cashless parking payments on their way

Merton Council plans to allow cashless parking payments by the summer.

The council is currently in the process of selecting a company to provide the service to those residents who wish to have the option to pay online or with their mobile phones. The first phase will see the cashless service rolled out to all 14 council-owned car parks in early summer. The council will then roll out the cashless service across all 3,600 council-operated on-street parking bays by the end of the summer.

The council is setting up the cashless payment service following its consultation with the public on parking in town centres, when people said they would like the choice of using this hassle free payment method for a small additional charge.

Every parking location in the borough will have a unique code. Those wishing to pay electronically will need to set up an account with the company the council appoints. They will either be able to pay over the phone, by text, online or by using a free smartphone app. They will also receive an optional reminder, alerting them that their parking time is coming to an end, and if they wish to stay longer, they can top up their time from wherever they are.

The existing ticket machines will still be left in place so people can pay in cash if they prefer.

Merton Council cabinet member for environmental cleanliness and parking Councillor Judy Saunders said: “Not only have we saved people money by freezing the cost of resident parking permits for the last four years, but we are also making it easier for residents to park in our town centres. Our new easy to use electronic payment system will make life a lot more convenient for people who won’t have to rummage around for the right change any longer and will be able to pay by phone or online.”

The council will be updating its website with the latest on cashless parking payments over the coming weeks.