Merton volunteer stars in recycling campaign

The face of a Merton volunteer will be on posters, trams, phone boxes and refuse vehicles as part of a campaign to encourage more people to recycle.


The ‘Ker-ching! – that’s the sound of you saving your community money by recycling’ campaign will run over June and July. It is being led by the South London Waste Partnership which is a joint initiative between four boroughs – Sutton, Merton, Kingston and Croydon, who are working together to provide improved and more cost-effective waste management services to their residents.

Last year £5m was saved in landfill tax thanks to the 69,621 tonnes of waste recycled by the public in the four boroughs including 15,828 tonnes of glass. The councils want to increase the amount of recycling and save the community even more money in the process. With council budgets being squeezed, these savings can help support essential services in the four boroughs.

In Merton, the advertising campaign is being fronted by local resident Thomas Niblett.

Thomas Niblett said: “This campaign is about local people wanting to make a positive difference in their area.  I was not massively keen on seeing my face on a huge billboard but I think it’s really important to get this message across to people and if I can help with that then I’m glad.

 “Recycling is so important because it keeps our earth and environment clean and fresh from air and water pollution. Recycling also helps keeps the streets and neighbourhoods free from trash. People can help by thinking a little more about their everyday actions, simple changes like buying rechargeable batteries or separating their rubbish into piles. It can make a big difference.”

Leader of Merton Council Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “It’s great to see volunteers from the local community getting involved in our latest recycling campaign. Recycling is good for the council’s pocket, Merton’s taxpayers and it also benefits the environment, so let’s all make a difference – throw away less and recycle more.”

Colin Hall, Chairman of the South London Waste Partnership Joint Committee, said:We saved our communities £5m last year through recycling. With landfill tax continuing to rise, the money saved by recycling will be even greater. Whether it’s plastic, bottles, paper or glass, recycling will help to save your community money that can be spent on other services.”