Merton Council and Police encourage residents to stay on-side during World Cup

With the World Cup kicking-off this week, Merton Council and the Police are encouraging residents to enjoy the festivities while keeping the borough clean and safe.

England is all set to play Italy in their first match on Saturday night at 11pm.  Many visitors and residents are expected to watch the games in town centres across the borough at bars and pubs during the month of the World Cup.

Throughout the competition, Police will be ensuring people are behaving responsibly across the borough’s controlled drinking zone, introduced last year by the council in response to public demand. The council will be continuing its zero tolerance approach to littering in town centres handing out fixed penalty notices to those caught dropping their rubbish.

Merton Council leader and former football referee, Councillor Stephen Alambritis said, “The whole borough will be rooting for England during the World Cup. We want our residents to get into the carnival spirit of the tournament but in a responsible way. We will be showing the red card to anyone who litters or causes trouble in our town centres.”

Merton’s Police Borough Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Stuart Macleod said, “No matter who you are supporting or where you choose to watch the games, please don’t let your joy or disappointment result in criminal or anti-social behaviour of any type. This should be a celebration of sport and people spoiling it for others will be dealt with robustly by the Police. Please drink responsibly at all times.”