Residents and businesses warned of hoax letters

Residents and businesses are being warned by Merton Council not to respond to or take notice of hoax letters that have been sent claiming to be from the local authority’s regeneration team, Future Merton.


The first letter sought to warn residents about changes to their postcodes and the latest one says businesses will have to change their shop fronts or face being fined. Both are untrue and not from the council.

Leader of Merton Council, Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “The council has contacted the police and will be working with them to get to the bottom of these letters. Residents and business who receive a letter through their door with the council logo claiming to be from Future Merton, making statements that seem suspicious or unreasonable, are advised not to do what is being asked of them and instead should contact the council.”

Stuart Macleod, Borough Commander for Merton Police said “We have been made aware of these letters that are circulating.  If you have any concerns about claims made in a letter purporting to come from an organisation or business, you are advised to contact the organisation via established communication channels.  If you are concerned about someone acting suspiciously in your neighbourhood and you believe it to be an emergency, please contact the police on 999. If the matter is not an emergency, please contact the police on 101, which is the dedicated number for police non-emergency calls.”