Recruitment process better and more efficient with Consortium working

The South West London Adoption Consortium brings together four South London boroughs making the adoption journey easier for prospective adopters.

On 3rd November 2014, SWLA website was launched bringing together the London Boroughs of Kingston, Richmond, Sutton and Merton’s resources for recruiting adoptive families.

Since its launch, the site has enabled over 110 new families to enquire about adoption, come to an information meeting to meet social workers, learn more about adoption and the children waiting for families and, ultimately, to start the assessment process, taking them one step further to meeting their children.

Out of these new families, 48% have been to an Adoption Information Meeting. Which run every two weeks in all four corners of the Consortium area. Those families then have the option of a social worker contacting them to progress the recruitment and assessment process or to take a step back for a while until they feel more ready to embark on the journey. Working together as a Consortium allows us as boroughs to recruit a more diverse pool of adopters from a wider area. This means that there are more opportunities to find adopters that can meet the needs of our children, which in turn can help the matching and placing process move smoothly and efficiently, ensuring the best outcome for the children.

Sue (name changed) from Wimbledon was considering adoption and found the South West London Adoption consortium website. She says: “The SWLA website is a fantastic resource for would-be adopters. Whether you are considering, committed to, or even just vaguely exploring adoption – there is a lot of useful information. The handy interactive quiz is particularly helpful for anyone who wants to know more.”

Mac Heath, Head of Looked After Children, Adoption and Permanency, Achieving for Children and lead manager for SWLA consortium says: “Its been very encouraging that our approach to highlighting the need for permanent homes for our children across South West London has been so well received. Through neighbouring boroughs working together in the interests of children, we have been able to be more responsive to those enquiring into adoption and able to progress assessments far more efficiently. Moving forward we are ambitious across our region for more children to be placed in loving families and by listening to what our adopters tell us they would like in terms of information and how they would like this information to be received we will be able to grow and improve our website further.”

For more information please visit the SWLA Website: