Merton Council honours the unsung heroes in foster families

Merton’s fostering team presented the birth children of foster carers thank you cards and gift vouchers to recognise the important role they play in families across the borough.

Sons and Daughters month, which takes place every October puts the spotlight on the many children who help their parents with foster children and ensure they are part of their family. Merton has 57 foster families with 30 birth children who help welcome those who are not able to live with their own parents.

Jasmine, the daughter of foster carers who have been taking children in since before she was born, said: “I’ve grown up with it so it me it’s normal. Fostering children makes me appreciate what I’ve got and I want to help foster children as much as my parents want to.”

Merton’s cabinet member for children’s services, Councillor Maxi Martin, said: “It’s often understated and overlooked how important the role birth children of foster carers play. It is vital in helping foster children feel at home and part of the family. They have to share their parents with other children which is a huge ask and this is our way of saying thank you.”