Any bin will do for dog poo disposal

Dog owners and those responsible for dogs can dispose of dog waste in all the borough’s general litter bins from now on.Over the coming weeks, the council will continue to remove the red and green bins that are specifically for dog waste, and will be upping its enforcement action on people who do not responsibly dispose of their dog waste. Anyone caught not clearing up after their dog will be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £80.

Dog waste can now be disposed of in all waste bins except for those specifically for recycling.

Merton Council’s director of environment and regeneration, Chris Lee, said: “Every year we spend over £5 million clearing up after people who leave our streets and parks dirty, and that includes those who don’t clean up after their dogs. We’ll be putting in a few more general litter bins, so we’ll have over 400 bins in parks and 700 on our streets and there will certainly be a litter bin in the vicinity of the old dog waste bins, so we would ask people to look out for the nearest one and dispose of the waste there.

“Faeces left in on the ground in parks and our town centres can be harmful, especially to young children if they get it in their eyes or mouth, causing serious illness and injury, so making more bins available and upping our enforcement will help us keep our parks safe places to play and our streets cleaner.”