Boxes of love bring a smile to the elderly this Christmas


Christmas can be a lonely time for the elderly. Thanks to the children of St John Fisher Primary School though, nearly 200 elderly people in the local Merton community will receive a ‘Box of Love’ this Christmas.


In its second year, the project involves children bringing a Christmas wrapped shoe box to school, packed with useful gifts such as bubble bath, puzzle books, hats and scarves and includes a Christmas card with a special message from the child. Nearly 200 boxes have been collected so far.

Headteacher, Janine Kenna has been overwhelmed by the response from the children again this year. She said: “We are proud to be part of this fantastic initiative which shows the true spirit of Christmas and reminds our children the importance of giving to the older people in our local community who can feel isolated and lonely at this time of year. The children have proudly brought their boxes of love into school which are stacked up and ready to be distributed to our community, by our local church St John Fisher.”

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Councillor Katy Neep praised the school: “The Box of Love project is a very simple and effective way our children can do something practical and bring a smile to those who are lonely and elderly in our local community.”

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health, Councillor Tobin Byers agreed: “This is an excellent initiative that connects the generations. It is heart-warming to know the elderly, who may not always receive a present, will have their own special box of love to open on Christmas day”.