Council and police bust moped stealing gang

A Merton Council CCTV operator alerted police to a large group of men who were out stealing mopeds and riding them back to a flat in Phipps Bridge. By the time they arrived at the property, police were already waiting for them. Knives, body armour and a loaded firearm were found and eight arrests were made.

The group had been carrying out  a number of robberies in the area.

In a separate incident on the same evening (19 February) the council CCTV operator spotted two men on a stolen moped in Mitcham town centre and contacted the police who apprehended the individuals and discovered false number plates had been fitted to the mopeds. Both were arrested.

Merton Council cabinet member for community safety, engagement and equalities Councillor Edith Macaulay said: “This great example of our strong working relationship with the police means that 10 arrests were made and weapons were taken off the street. Merton is one of the safest London boroughs and we will do everything we can to keep it that way.”

Acting Superintendent Phil Palmer from Merton Police said: “Working together like this and pooling our resources gets results. With the council, we are a powerful partnership which makes the borough safer and a great place to live and work.”