Keeping Merton clear of leaves this autumn

Autumn is here and the leaves are falling which means Merton’s leaf clearing crews are out clearing the build-up of leaves on streets around the borough.

Robert and Kwaku, whco are part of the leaf sweeping team, our clearing the pavements of leaves

Robert and Kwaku, who are part of the leaf sweeping team, out clearing the pavements of leaves

The teams will have swept up over 100 tonnes of leaves by the end of the season, focusing on the streets with the most trees.

There are over 220,000 street trees in Merton. As part of the new street cleaning contract with Veolia, residents of Merton are benefiting from additional resources to clear the leaves from Merton’s streets. The council has dedicated crews equipped with specialist equipment to clear and collect the fallen leaves allowing street cleaning to continue as normal across the borough. With Veolia and the extra resources they bring, this will be the first year Merton will continue with a full street sweeping service alongside a leaf clearing service. The crews are out and about with their brooms and leaf sweeping machines.

Residents with compost bins can do their bit by collecting leaves from outside their homes and composting them for their garden. People can also help by not sweeping leaves from their gardens, drives or pavements into the road, as this may block the gullies and could cause flooding. If residents see a build-up of leaves, they can report it online at

Leader of Merton Council, Councillor Stephen Alambritis said: “Leaf clearing teams are out and about working their way around the borough, making sure that the roads are well swept and cleared of leaves. As always, it would be a great help if residents with gardens did their bit and composted leaves from the front of their home. As well as clogging gullies, the leaves can cause the footpaths and roads to become slippery.”