Over one hundred litter louts named and shamed by Merton Council

Merton Council has named and shamed over one hundred people for littering Merton streets on its website.

As part of its zero-tolerance approach to the small minority of people who litter, the council has published the names of over 100 people who were issued with an £80 Fixed Penalty Notices since April 2017 but who did not pay it on time, and have had to pay out £400 following prosecution.

Over 5,300 £80 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) have also been issued to people caught dropping litter on the streets of Merton over the last 11 months.

LYS webThe council spends over £5 million keeping Merton’s streets clean every year, as well as educating people about the effects of environmental crime and being tougher on people who drop litter as part of the council’s Love Your Street campaign. The council also organises litter picks and is inviting residents to join them on Saturday 17 March at Haydon Road Recreation Ground as part of the Big Spring Clean.

Cabinet Member for Street Cleanliness and Parking Councillor Ross Garrod:

“We know that the majority of our residents care about the borough and work hard to keep Merton’s streets clean. Merton is a great place for families where they can enjoy a good quality of life and that is the reason we take a zero tolerance approach to the small minority of people who litter and fly tip in Merton. Our naming and shaming demonstrates that we will not tolerate littering in our borough.”

For more details go to the council website.