A guide to safer travel in Merton

The way we travel has changed. In order to protect ourselves and those around us from Coronavirus, we need to get used to a new way of getting around. Instead of taking the fastest or most convenient journey, we must now consider the safest journey to take, with the least amount of contact with others as possible.


Many people have been enthused by cycling during lockdown and want to continue this in your daily commute

If you can, using sustainable, individual means of transport is the best way to get around safely; cycling or walking your journeys helps to minimise almost all contact in a way that could not be achieved on public transport.

To help our residents get around safely, we are carrying out emergency works across the borough to widen pavements and create temporary cycle lanes to improve road safety, support social distancing and provide more space for walking and cycling. These temporary works will continue until July, and the council are currently bidding for funds to introduce more long term measures. Read more about our transport strategy.

If you must use public transport to make a journey, there are measures you can take to make it safer. Planning your journey in advance and working out alternative routes that are not as busy and mean you spend less time on public transport can help reduced the risk of Coronavirus infection.

Merton is the only London borough to have trains, two Underground lines, trams and buses. This means there are many ways options when picking the safest journey for you. Simply swapping your usual long tube journey for a walk and a tram ride can help to keep contact with others to a minimum.

Another way to protect yourself from contact with others, is by wearing face coverings and gloves when travelling. From Monday the  15 June, Transport for London are introducing new measures, in line with government guidance, whereby  everyone using public transport must wear a mask or face covering, the full guidance is available on the TfL website.

Maintaining good hand hygiene is also important in helping to reduce the spread of the virus. This reduces the chance of coronavirus spreading through touch.  Wearing gloves on public transport , regularly and thoroughly washing hands and carrying hand sanitiser will help reduce the risk.

Please remember:

  • Only use public transport and travel if you MUST – work from home if you can.
  • If you must travel, can you make a swap from public transport to walking or cycling instead.
  • If you must use public transport, can you reduce your use and avoid crowded journeys?
  • From Monday 15 June masks or face coverings MUST be worn  on all TfL public transport.
  • Keep your hands protected and clean; wear gloves, wash them thoroughly and regularly and carry hand sanitiser.
  • Travel around Merton safely: Wash. Mask. Distance.