Take action for Clean Air Day

Help us fight air pollution this Clean Air Day

On Thursday 8 October 2020, we’ll be marking Clean Air Day. Air pollution has long been an important issue for the borough but, in the middle of a respiratory pandemic, the quality of the air we breathe matters even more. In this article, we want to give you tips on how you can help to clean up our air, and let you know what we’re doing to lead the way.

What can you do?

There are lots of small changes (and some bigger ones) that we can take to help clean up our air. These include:

How we’re leading the way on clean air

Of course, it’s not just down to the borough’s residents and visitors to tackle air pollution, we have our part to play as well. In recent years we have embarked on several projects aimed at improving air quality and the health of our residents.

  • Together with our Regulatory Services Partnership, we are delivering the world’s first Low Emission Construction Zone for the whole of London, aimed at cleaner site equipment and sponsored by the Mayor of London and London boroughs.
  • We are currently consulting on a comprehensive emission based charging scheme that seeks to tackle air quality, climate change and health
  • We’re monitoring air quality at our schools
  • Our Schools Streets programme has been rolled out across the borough, preventing cars from driving around schools at drop-off and pick-up times
  • We’re supporting the Clean Air Village Project in Wimbledon, aimed at helping business and reducing pollution

Get involved

Clean air day is a great chance to reflect on how you can help to clean up our air for the benefit of all residents, especially the young and those with respiratory conditions. If you want further tips on how you can take action, visit our Clean Air Challenge webpage.