A message from Councillor Edith Macauley on Hate Crime Awareness Week

Councillor Edith Macauley, Merton’s Cabinet Member for Voluntary Sector, Partnerships and Community Safety, said: “Hate Crime Awareness Week is an opportunity for all of us to remember victims and raise awareness of all forms of hate crime, and provide ongoing support to those who need it. This year, the theme for the week is disability hate crime.

“Being the target of a disability hate crime, or any other type of hate crime, not only affects the victim but their friends, family and community too. It can also impact the victim’s sense of belonging in the community – that is unacceptable.

“We can’t eliminate hate crime overnight, but with the help of schemes here in Merton such as our Hate Crime Third Party Reporting Scheme and Hate Crime Advice Surgeries, we can support victims and make it easier to take action against perpetrators. In Merton, we are proud to be one of the safest boroughs in London and we are working hard, together, to ensure that this position is maintained for all our residents, regardless of background or identity.”

Over the course of the week, the council are running a series of virtual events to raise awareness and support residents who may be experiencing hate crime. Further details can be found on the Merton events calendar.