COVID-19 Information Officers are here to help

Last Sunday, a team of COVID-19 Information Officers took to the streets to support residents in following the latest guidance, promote the NHS Test and Trace app, and spread the word about the help available at our Community Hub.

The officers, who carried out visits all across London, had stall at Wimbledon Piazza, and made roaming visits to Morden, Mitcham and Colliers Wood. All in all, the team interacted with over 5,000 people through leafleting and conversations.

In addition to helping local shoppers, they also engaged with almost 200 local businesses to ensure that regulations to prevent the spread of the virus are understood, and being followed. If you came into contact with one of the officers, we hope you found them helpful!

We’ll be reviewing the effectiveness of their presence and, if they were useful, they could be back on a high street near you soon, so keep an eye out for officials in hi-vis NHS branded vests.