Council to fund IT equipment to support the most disadvantaged pupils

Merton Council will be helping schools with the costs of IT equipment and internet connections to help ensure some of the most disadvantaged pupils in the borough can maintain access to lessons during the pandemic.

A £20,000 fund has been established by the council to ensure that schools can, where essential, support their most disadvantaged pupils to ensure they can still access lessons from home if needed.

The funding is just one way the council is using its Neighbourhood Fund, which is generated by the Community Infrastructure Levy imposed on all developers building in the borough, and ensures a contribution to be spent on local improvements.

Merton’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance, Councillor Mark Allison, said: “We are determined to ensure the best access to education for children in Merton through the pandemic, and this targeted funding will help those who are struggling the most to maintain their children’s education.

“One of our priorities has always been to bridge the gap between the wealthiest and the poorest in Merton. In providing access to school for some of our poorest families, we are ensuring everybody gets equal opportunities.”