COVID-19: celebrating safely, a closer look

Want to find out more about the ‘Christmas Bubble’ guidance and hear practical tips on reducing the risk of COVID-19 during the holiday season?

Join one of our free 30 minute webinars to hear practical tips you and your loved ones can take to Celebrate Safely this year. 


  • Wednesday at 1pm
  • Thursday at 2pm and 6pm 
  • Friday at 11am
  • Saturday at 2pm 

To register please email Merton’s Public Health Team.   

More helpful tips

Here are some other things to consider when celebrating over the holidays from 23 – 27 December with loved ones:

  • Be cautious and try to limit your close contacts in the days and weeks prior to the gathering with your Christmas bubble,
  • Do your Christmas shopping early for both gifts and food, to avoid the last-minute rush and crowds in supermarkets and shops
  • keep multiple windows (or a window and door) open to create airflow through the house.
  • Clean all frequently touched surfaces after anyone uses them (e.g., taps toilet flush, light switches etc)
  • Try to avoid hugs, kisses and handshakes as people arrive
  • Don’t share items like crockery and glassware
  • Avoid sharing food and buffet style set ups
  • Extra distance between settings will make sure everyone is comfortable and keeps people safe
  • Avoid board games with a lot of pieces that need to be handled, replace them with talking games or quizzes.
  • When gifting presents remember to wash hands before and after handling, as this will limit surfaces getting contaminated

Read more: GOV.UK