Tricia’s vaccine story

Tricia Pereira is Head of Operations Adults Social Care & Adult Safeguarding for Merton Council and is also an informal family carer. She has joined the millions of others who have had their COVID-19 vaccination to do their part to protect the people they love. 

Tricia says:  

“I’d seen lots of negative stories on WhatsApp and Social media talking about shocking side effects and DNA changes, but I did my own research on reputable NHS sites. I had the Astra Zeneca vaccine and it was really quick and painless. Afterwards I felt a bit dizzy for a while and tired, the next day I had a sore arm and that was it. Following my vaccine my aunt was reassured to have hers and I took her get her vaccine, my mum and sister had theirs too, my husband has just received his appointment. I would recommend looking at trusted people and in trusted places for factual information. My children are back at school now too and I can rest assured that I’ve done my bit to protect myself and my loved ones.” 

Find out more: Merton Covid-19 vaccination programme – South West London CCG (