Returning to school safely

Next week will see the borough’s schools welcoming their pupils back for the start of a new school year with reduced COVID-19 restrictions in line with national guidance. However, it remains crucial to follow precautionary measures like opening windows for fresh air, testing, vaccinations and handwashing to keep both pupils and staff safe. 

The COVID vaccination programme is now open to anyone aged 16 and above. That means anyone over the age of 16 can now book their vaccine or attend one of the walk-in sessions across the borough. With the cohort now open to pupils of a certain age, we encourage all parents and eligible pupils to get both doses of the vaccine to keep themselves, their colleagues and their loved ones safe.   

As well as getting vaccinated, making sure we are all still testing regularly for COVID-19 is hugely important as pupils start to return to schools. All secondary schools in the borough will be providing twice weekly tests for staff and pupils. With primary schools offering twice weekly tests for all staff. Getting tested is the only way to be sure you’re not spreading the virus!   

After the staggered couple of years all pupils have faced, it is more important than ever that their education goes back to normal. From the beginning of the autumn term school attendance is compulsory and any holidays must be taken out of term time.