Don’t forget to test before going back to school  

We hope pupils and parents in schools across Merton have been enjoying the half term safely. 

Rates are higher now across London than this time last year and are currently highest amongst 11-19 year olds. 

Before your child returns to secondary school, please make sure they’ve done two rapid tests during the week of half-term to check they are Covid-19 free and try to make sure that the second one is done the night before they return to school.   

After half-term, secondary school aged children should continue testing twice a week. We are currently working with our Covid Young Inspectors to get posters designed and put up in schools across the borough encouraging students and staff to test regularly.  

Check out this video from our Young Inspectors where they interview young people in Merton to find out the importance of testing, why young people think they should test, as well as why some young people do not test and what would encourage them.