Over 40? It’s nearly time to get your booster vaccine 

The booster vaccine rollout is being extended and soon everyone aged over 40, and all those most at risk from COVID-19, will be able to get a booster six months after their second dose. They are expected to be able to book through the NHS website from Monday (22 November). 

 As is the case with most vaccines, protection reduces over time, so it is vital to get a booster jab to top up your level of protection and help your body fight off COVID-19. 

Previously, you could only book an appointment six months after your second dose. This has been brought forward by a month, so you will be able to pre-book an appointment if it has been 152 days (5 months) since your second dose and you’re in one of the eligible groups. Take advantage of this change and book your booster as soon as you can.  You will be offered a date that is 182 days (6 months) after the date of your 2nd dose. 

Residents can also head in to one of the walk-in clinics across the borough to get their booster if it has been six months since your second dose and you are in an eligible group.   

Thanks to all of you who have had your COVID-19 vaccine, as it is the best protection you can give yourself and others. Currently, around 140,000 residents in Merton have had two doses of their COVID-19 vaccination.  

Getting as many people vaccinated as possible will help reduce pressure on the NHS and means that it is less likely that the Government will have to implement Plan B going into these difficult winter months.