Merton’s leafing operation is in full swing

With the trees now almost completely bare, Veolia’s street cleaners have been incredibly busy over the last few weeks clearing fallen leaves from our streets and making sure the borough’s pavements and gutters are clear of leaves. 

Last week, we cleared an unbelievable 36 tonnes of leaves, and over the last 5 weeks, we’ve collected 146 tonnes – that’s a little more than the average weight of a Blue Whale! 

We are lucky to be one of London’s greenest boroughs and with over 220,000 street trees in Merton, the council’s additional street crews will be prioritising leaf sweeping to make sure the streets with the most leaf-fall are cleared. 

Residents with compost bins can help by collecting leaves from the front of  their homes and composting them for their garden. People can also help by not sweeping leaves from their gardens, drives or pavements into the road, as this may block the gullies and could cause flooding.